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      A global leading provider of storage solutions

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      About us

      About ACARD

      ACARD Technology Corp. was founded on September 19, 1996.ACARD has been engaged in IC design, also the only SCSI IC design house in Taiwan. In the philosophy of being a trustworthy supplier, and a quality product provider our company continues to grow annually. ACARD stocks have been officially listed in the OTC market on December 6, 2004 (code: 3126).  To cooperate with more worldwide customers, ACARD has been certified by DUNS in 2008. ACARD developed key technology since1999. Based on our IC design/development, ACARD has individualized key technologies for IC design, integration, software & hardware application. We foresee the great potential of Car Electric market and started to develop related technology from 2010.


      A Trustworthy Firm

      ACARD Technology Corp, a global leading provider of storage solutions, was founded in 1996. Since establishment, ACARD has been engaging in IC design and storage solutions. In the fields of IDE and SCSI Controller, ACARD has its core technologies, and enjoys a high reputation. ACARD offers small, medium and large corporations with broad lines of offerings including : processor, RAID SOC, controller chips, SAS/SCSI/SATA/IDE/USB RAID controllers, SCSI-to-IDE/SATA/SAS converters, CD/DVD/BD duplicators, RAID subsystems, NAS, external storage for DVR, SATA RAM Disk, and CD/DVD recording software. ACARD’s products are distributed to PC, Macintosh users, and OEM customers worldwide. ACARD is committed to providing the most reliable, compatible product, on-time delivery, and competitive price.


      Technical Innovation

      We devotes our energies to the development of cutting edge technology. Our R&D capabilities include IC design (analog, digital and mixed modes), BIOS/Driver/AP design, and system integration. Our solutions are quick, sharp and flexible. ACARD has ownership in the key technologies and know-how of IC design, software, hardware application and integration. SCSIDE (SCSI-to-IDE bridge) is the

      best proof of our innovative capability. The core engine will be extended with advanced technologies integrating a SAS, SATA, Ethernet ,and CPU core on one chip. Through this invention, a user can convert a legacy device into a networked storage; thus, enhancing the storage availability.

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      Unique Global SCSIDE Technology

      The only global professional manufacturer with both IDE and SCSI Technologies.

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